Pet Cremation Services in Volusia
and Flagler Counties, FL

As cremation becomes widely accepted in our communities, more pet owners are turning to this service. Pet Cremation is a process where a pet’s remains are consumed by heat and reduced to fine ash and bone fragments. All pets entrusted to A1 Affordable Cremation are handled with care through a licensed crematorium and you can be assured that your pet will be cremated according to the option you have chosen. We do not use any landfill or rendering plant for disposal. The pet owner has the choice of Private or Communal cremation.


Private cremation is the direct cremation of a single pet.
One body is placed into the cremation chamber and remains there through
the entire cycle. All possible remains are collected, processed and returned to the pet owner.


Communal cremation is the cremation of more than one pet in the chamber during a cycle.
There is co-mingling of the remains with this type of cremation.
Upon completion of the cremation cycle all possible remains are respectfully scattered.


recognizes the responsibility that we have to the families who choose us.
We believe deeply in what we do and we take great pride in our ability to help a family at a difficult time. We believe that prompt service and a personal touch makes a difference.

Pet Cremation Prices:

” Private “
0-10 lbs $180.00
11-25 lbs $190.00
26-50 lbs $205.00
51-75 lbs $210.00 + $90.00 for pick up of deceased pet
76-100 lbs $240.00 + $90.00 for pick up of deceased pet
100++ lbs $256.00 + $90.00 for pick up of deceased pet
After Hours and weekends $35.00

Ink Paw Print $25.00
Clay Paw Print $55.00
Name Plate $20.00

” Communal(Not returned) “
Any weight $85.00

*Extra charge for urn of choice