Explore Our Collection of Affordable Cremation Urns, Stylish Urn Necklaces & Pendants, and Unique Keepsake Urns

Choosing the best urn for a loved one’s ashes can be a challenging decision that involves both emotional and practical considerations. In this gallery, we share A1 Affordable Cremation’s traditional urns, urn necklaces and cremation pendants for ashes, and keepsake urns to create a meaningful and lasting tribute to your beloved.

You can find solace in knowing that there are budget-friendly options available without sacrificing the significance and beauty. As your journey of remembrance unfolds, this thoughtful selection becomes a cherished symbol of everlasting love and enduring bonds that connect us.

Traditional Urns

When it comes to the basic or traditional cremation urns, these are usually cylinders, cubes or rectangles. The material can be wood, metal, ceramic or biodegradable options. These urns often feature classic designs and colors that may easily blend into any decor. Affordability in this context doesn’t compromise the beauty and craftsmanship of these urns, ensuring a dignified resting place for the ashes. Below is A1 Affordable Cremation’s collection of traditional urns.

Urn Necklaces and Cremation Pendants for Ashes

Urn Necklaces and cremation pendants for ashes are for those seeking a more personal and portable memorial that offers a discreet and heartfelt option. For those who want to wear cremation jewelry and feel their beloved by their side, these pendant-like small containers allow you to keep a portion of ashes. Our urn necklaces and pendants come in various styles, such as heart, cross, shells, bird and cat designs.

Other Keepsake Urns

Keepsake urns are smaller-sized containers designed to hold a portion of ashes. You may choose a keepsake urn to share ashes among family members or to keep a symbolic amount. These urns can be as unique as the person you love and a beautiful way to honor and remember someone special.