At A1 Affordable Cremation, we recognize that the loss of a loved one is among the most challenging experiences in life. We understand our huge responsibility to the bereaved who prefer cremation as it has been 45 years since our first and very successful case. Our beautiful cremation jewelry is one way that assists families in valuing the memories of their loved ones.

What does the term “Cremation Jewelry” mean?

Cremation jewelry is an elegant and personal approach to keeping your beloved close to your heart. These distinct pieces are created with a small amount of ash inside them therefore creating a physical link at all times. The collection includes pendants, bracelets, rings, and key chains, designed with love and focusing on every detail. More so than any other accessory, we know each piece of cremation jewelry means something special to its wearer—for it is more than just an attachment.

Our Pledge towards Accountability

A1 Affordable Cremation promises dignity for everyone we work with. When deciding whether or not to choose this type of jewelry after death, it can be hard because people are bound by individual emotions. Our competent team will deal sympathetically with you at all stages since their mission is customer-oriented service provision.

Why Should You Choose Cremation Jewelry?

Some reasons why people buy cremation jewelry include:

Personal Affection: It acts as solace enforcement and expression of proximity when people carry these items around.

Remarkable Memorials: Every sentimental item differs from others; this uniquely reflects the character whom it represents in memory.

Mobility Memorial: The benefit of keepsake jewelry unlike normal burial rituals is that you carry your loved one in your pocket wherever you wander off.

Where We Serve

The areas covered by A1 Affordable Cremations are New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Port Orange, Daytona Beach Holly Hill Ormond Beach DeLand Orange City Flagler Beach Bunnell Palm Coast. Our cremation services are all-encompassing hence serving families in the above-mentioned towns including providing cremation jewelry to them. We ensure that everyone gets access to affordable and dignified options for cremation so that all people get respectful and compassionate care.

Check out our Cremation Jewelry Collection

We encourage you to browse through our line of memorial jewelry and discover one that suits your as well as your loved one’s tastes. Each item, whether it is a necklace or bracelet, is made using the finest materials and great craftsmanship.

Contact Us

In case you have any queries regarding our range of products such as cremation jewelry, feel free to reach us anytime. At this time, we understand how difficult it can be going through such therefore we will offer you ideal support for this stage.

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